From Assessment to Accreditation


Whether at the individual, group, or organizational level, we understand how to help you discuss change, identify what change looks like, measure it, and talk about change to those who have a stake in that change.

Some examples of assessment you might face are:


  • Attitudes toward a particular change initiative about to get underway or a strategic plan being delivered by the Board
  • Knowledge of a new set of specifications or procedures intended to standardize processes
  • Skills needed to run a particular piece of machinery or implement a new client screening process
  • Behaviors on the job that predict success for the initiative or the business line


  • Department and project team process measurements that meet benchmarks for moving the project forward or specific outcomes predicted by the project design
  • Evidence of processes and impact at multi-site projects working at different stages of implementation 


  • University accreditation
  • Social change agency measurement and reporting
  • Return on investment measurement and assessment


While measurement is at the heart of assessment, accreditation standardizes that assessment to show the world your achievement.  This means that organizations like ISO, CARF, or WASC dictate standards of excellence and individuals, organizations or businesses endeavor to meet those standards to set them apart from those who do not meet such standards.  Whether you are trying to attain those standards, measuring the achievement of a standard, or developing standards, Pointed Arrows Consulting has the expertise to help you.